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Sales Tax Exemption

Your Sales Tax Certificate will be confirmed with the State of Florida prior to shipping any material and we must be supplied with the Contact Name on the Certificate.  If the Sales Tax Number is rejected your order will be canceled and you will need to submit another order online including tax.

Businesses that register with the Department of Revenue to collect sales tax are issued a Florida Annual Resale Certificate for Sales Tax (Annual Resale Certificate). The certificate allows business owners or their representatives to buy or rent property or services tax-free (when purchases or rentals will be resold or rented).

Examples of purchases or rentals that you may make without paying sales and use tax include:

  • Items that become a component part of a product you sell (for example: nails, fabric, and wood that are incorporated into a chair).
  • Items resold as tangible personal property and services that are resold.
  • Services that will be resold as part of your regular business operations.
  • Rentals that will be rented as real property or tangible personal property.

You may not use your Annual Resale Certificate to make tax-exempt purchases or rentals of property or services that will be used:

  • But not resold or rented.
  • Before selling or renting the goods.
  • By your business or for personal purposes. (For example: furniture, office equipment, computers, or supplies.)

Annual Resale Certificates expire each year on December 31

As long as you are a registered dealer and you are conducting business, a Florida Annual Resale Certificate for Sales Tax will be issued to you each year. Certificates issued to new business locations beginning in mid-October will be effective from the date they are issued through the following calendar year.

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