The History Behind LED Lighting Solutions in Vero Beach, Florida

Millions of Americans have switched from fluorescent light bulbs to LED lighting solutions in Vero Beach, Florida. LED lights have many benefits that fluorescents do not. They are cooler in temperature, offer white light as opposed to yellow and can emit lighting in multiple directions. Most of all, LED lights use seventy-five percent less energy and last twenty-five times longer than fluorescent lighting. While these bulbs are everywhere around us, how did they come to be here and what is their backstory?

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LED lighting originated in 1962 with a scientist named Nick Holanyak, Jr. Initially, he was only interested in making a laser. While that didn’t happen, Holanyak did manage to make a semiconductor light, and like a laser, it was red. His invention was the first introduction of LED lights. In the next ten years, green and yellow LEDs could come into the picture.

The benefit of these bulbs was that they were incredibly small in comparison to the clunky fluorescents or incandescent bulbs. Now, nearly fifty years later, they are used in watches, traffic lights, households, brake lights, grocery stores, and more. LEDs are now affordable and diverse, giving property owners of all kinds the access to energy-efficient and low-heat alternatives.

At K&M Electric, we’ve watched first hand as these bulbs have saturated the electrical market, making them a top choice for individuals across the world. Founded in 1972, we’re a global distributor of all things electrical for commercial, residential, industrial, and utility needs. LED lighting solutions in Vero Beach, Florida are now more accessible than ever, and with K&M Electric, you can have peace of mind knowing that you’re buying quality from a company that puts customer service first. Call today us today at (772) 770 – 2772 to see how we can LED light up your life!

3 Reasons to Start Conserving Energy in Vero Beach

Not many people are considering to conserve energy but what many don’t realize is that you won’t just be helping the country and world but you will also benefit from it yourself! Are you debating on whether or not to conserve energy? Here are 4 reasons to start conserving energy in Vero Beach from the experts at K&M Electrical Supply, Inc! 

#1 Conserving energy is good for the environment 

Energy comes from natural resources and while it may feel endless it won’t always be around and when we use less energy, we save precious natural resources which in return will cut down pollution.  

#2 Less construction of power plants 

Power plants may seem like a bright prospect but what many don’t know is that it impacts our environment like the fumes that are released into the air that are hazardous. While it may not seem like your contribution wouldn’t help, it will, one person like you starts and it’s like a domino effect! 

#3 You will save money 

Switching products around your home like lightbulbs to energy efficient bulbs you will find it having a longer life and not having to replace for a long time. CFLs or LEDs will save you between 30%-80% on energy bills! 

Start small! 

While you may feel like there is too much to change around your house and it wouldn’t be worth it you can start small! By switching out your light bulbs to energy efficient bulbs, that we sell in our store, you will be doing the country, world, and yourself a favor! Once you have started to conserve energy, you will be more inclined to change other things like fixing the drip in your bathroom or kitchen and buying blinds or curtains to preserve the air in your home which will in return preserve the energy it takes to air your home! It takes a small step to start doing other things, every little thing you can do to preserve energy you are doing a lot more than many people.  

Shop at K&M Electrical Supply Store 

When it comes to saving money and energy we are the place to go to! We offer a variety of electrical and energy saving solutions for everyone! We have energy efficient light solutions for both residential and commercial. We even do commercial lighting energy audits to help you understand your building’s lighting energy usage and to determine how much you would save with suggested changes. Our goal has always been and always will be to make all our customers 100% satisfied with our service. Visit us today and start saving money and energy!

Where are the LED Lighting Solutions?

On average, lighting needs account for 1/5 of total energy consumption for commercial businesses. In fact, commercial lighting accounts for almost half of the annual lighting electricity consumption across the country. Of course your business needs adequate lighting, but the key towards achieving savings is to seek smarter solutions to your lighting needs. At K & M Electric Supply, Inc., we believe that LED lighting can also be efficient, bright lighting which performs even better than traditional lighting solutions. When you shop our inventory, you can enjoy improved lighting with increased energy efficiency in West Palm Beach. We offer a great array of LED lighting solutions in West Palm Beach, there are a lot of reasons to switch to our LED lighting, and here are the top 5:

  1. LED lights require less power. LED bulbs are renowned for their energy efficiency, they require less power than incandescent and even compact fluorescent lamps. Switching to LED lights translates to lower energy costs. LED lights offer the same illumination with less power, allowing you to enjoy consistent lighting with lowered electricity bills.
  2. Your lighting will have increased efficiency. If your business depends on large scale lighting, you’re probably well aware of how warm incandescent bulbs can get. LEDs are different, they focus energy on producing light, rather than the excessive useless heat incandescent bulbs create.
  3. Bulbs will need replacing less often. LED bulbs last much longer than other lighting options. In fact, you’d need 40 incandescent bulbs or 5 compact florescent bulbs to match the longevity of one LED bulb. LED bulbs are more expensive than their counterparts, but their incredible longevity brings great returns.
  4. Energy conservation can be affordable. If you’ve been thinking about switching to LED bulbs, you may be hesitant due to fears of high costs. Our team at K & M Electric Supply, Inc. believes that everyone should have access to affordable options for energy conservation in West Palm Beach. Our LED lights are the most affordable out there.
  5. Your business will enjoy more vibrant lighting. LED bulbs produce light in a way different than incandescent or compact florescent bulbs. LED lighting offers exact control over color temperature, allowing you to select bulbs which offer truly consistent lighting, such as a consistent “true white light” across each and every bulb. Increased color temperature control helps you keep your business looking its best.

At K & M Electric Supply, Inc., we believe that green energy solutions should also save businesses money in the long run. LED lighting solutions are a great way to enjoy the benefits of energy efficiency in West Palm Beach. Your business can have brighter, more consistent lighting along with reduced overall electricity costs. Thinking about making the switch? Call us today at (561) 881-5898 or browse our online inventory to get started!

Commercial Energy Audits Provided By K & M Electric Supply, Inc. in Lake Worth, FL

What is a commercial energy audit? A commercial lighting energy audit is an in-depth study of your building’s lighting energy usage. An energy auditor from K & M Electric Supply, Inc. in Lake Worth, FL can go to your company and record all current lighting energy uses. The energy saving auditor will interview the company’s managers to figure out the areas that need improvement on their lighting. After that, the auditor will develop a formalized plan to help reduce lighting energy costs and maintenance costs.

K & M Electric Supply, Inc. in Lake Worth, FL is a company that sells industrial supplies and LED lighting solutions. Aside from that, this electrical company also administers commercial energy audits. Their energy efficiency audits are accurate and reliable. Any building not using LED technology should and could benefit from a commercial energy audit. The audit will save your business money on its electrical bill. K & M Electric Supply, Inc. has seen companies who have done a commercial energy audit save up to 40% on their lighting. How much does it cost for a commercial lighting energy audit by K & M Electric Supply, Inc.? Usually, it is 0.05 cents per square foot of the facility that is being audited. The cost can also be based on the number of lights and size of the building. It varies.

Since 1972, K & M Electric Supply, Inc. has been helping both residential and commercial properties save money on their lighting. They have also been seeking more energy saving solution to use. They are using more LED lights. They are using dimmer switches instead of regular switches. They are changing their electrical products in Lake Worth.

If you own a business in Lake Worth, FL and you are interested in getting a commercial energy audit, call K & M Electric Supply, Inc. If you are in need of industrial and tool supply of any kind, call K & M Electric Supply, Inc. Their electrical staff wants to help you with tons of home energy savings.

Visit K & M Electric Supply, Inc.’s retail store. Their Lake Worth location is on 1909 7th Court North, Lake Worth, FL 33461. You can call them before picking up your product at (561) 585-6148.

Change Your Light Bulbs During an Energy Audit!

By now you’ve definitely noticed the extra bright, white headlights on new cars at night. Those lights are known as LED, or light-emitting diodes, and they are newest trend in not just car headlights, but in almost all types of lighting.

LED lighting is different from incandescent lighting in many ways, but the biggest reason might be their efficiency. LED lights use an electrical current which is passed through a semiconductor and illuminates the diodes. This mode of lighting is more efficient, resilient and they have a longer lifespan.

One interesting fact about LED lighting is that there is no white color. LED’s come mostly in red, blue and green and they are mixed together to create the bright white color we generally associate with LED lights. There are plenty of lights that are LED and you just don’t know it. Many indicator lights such as on computers, holiday lights and many more.

Plenty of people are switching to LED bulbs in their home because they are looking for energy savings. Since the bulbs last longer and use less energy, they can save people a ton of money in the long run. A few pennies a month may not seem like a lot but over the course of a few years, those pennies add up.

K & M Electric has a huge selection of LED bulbs for all sorts of different things. The electrical supply experts at K & M Electric can help you find exactly what you are looking for. With so many locations, you’re never far from the energy audit specialists at K & M Electric.

K & M Electric has locations in:

  • Riviera Beach
  • Lake Worth
  • Jupiter
  • Royal Palm Beach
  • Vero Beach
  • Port St. Lucie

Not only does K & M Electric have locations across the Treasure Coast and South Florida, but they also have some of the most knowledgeable staff when it comes to energy conservation, commercial and residential energy audits and high quality electrical supplies. Check out the infographic below and

K & M Electric Supply, Inc.’s 3-Fold Guarantee

There are so many things that can go wrong in a home or business. One of your light bulbs may go out. You may lose a dryer cord that you need to help repair your dryer. You may need a switch to help fix your garbage disposal. Maybe you just want to buy a nice chandelier to put in your bedroom and give your room more light. Instead of making a few trips to different stores, now all you have to do is take just one trip to one place. You must go to K & M Electric Supply, Inc.

K & M Electric Supply, Inc. is a company in Florida that sells wholesale electrical supplies. With over five locations, you are sure to find one K & M Electric Supply, Inc. near you. If you live in Palm Beach County, they have a store in Riviera Beach, Jupiter, Lake Worth, Royal Palm Beach, and West Palm Beach. They also have stores in Port St. Lucie, FL and Vero Beach, FL.

This company has a 3-Fold Guarantee for their customers. They will always provide order accuracy, invoice accuracy, and “Top 100.” As part of their Order Accuracy policy, K & M Electric Supply, Inc. promises to have the items you receive match your packing slip. Their Invoice Accuracy guarantees that your invoiced price will match your written quote. Finally, they will always have available their “Top 100,” which is a list of the top 100 selling items at K & M Electric Supply, Inc. that are in stock to fill your order.

Their primary goal is to make sure that all of their customers are 100% satisfied with K & M Electric Supply, Inc. Taking things to the next level, K & M Electric Supply, Inc. allows their customers to call their customer service line at (561) 842-4911 if they fail to meet any of the three service guarantees they have. Those customers will get a $20 store credit.

K & M Electric Supply, Inc. is all about their guarantees. They want to please all of their customers. They provide electrical supplies to all of South Florida. Their interactive website makes it easy to order your electrical contractor supplies and have them shipped directly to your home or office in just a matter of days. Their staff can also provide electrical services such as energy audits. They can offer energy saving solutions, too. Call the store location nearest to you to speak to a representative of K & M Electric Supply, Inc. Start saving money on your energy bill today!

Energy Efficient Audits in South Florida

Do you know what an energy audit is? If you do, then you know how important it is to have one done for your home or office. In general, an energy audit is a comprehensive home energy check-up. It is a series of tests and inspections to find out where your house can be more energy efficient. The overall goal is to save energy, save money, and make your house more comfortable to live in. Installing energy efficient lighting and appliances can help you conserve energy. By upgrading your home to save energy, you can save between five and thirty percent on your energy bill.

Energy efficient audits are usually done by professional home energy technicians. They are commonly called energy auditors. This is how the energy audit normally goes. First, the auditor inspects the outside of your home looking for problems around walls, joints and under the roof. Then, the auditor checks the leaks at the top of the home barrier. They will see how well the insolation insolates. It should be correctly installed in all areas of the house frame. It must be evenly applied to all spaces, not jammed. If the insolation is falling down, then that means it is not working properly. The holes where electrical lines pass through are inspected. If they are not sealed, they are leaking.

The second place the auditor will check is the basement or the area of the house that stores the furnace and water heater. You don’t want those to be the reason you could be wasting energy. They will see just how energy efficient the furnace is. The furnace filter should be clean and not filled with dust or dirt. After, the auditor checks the ductwork. They inspect the duct connections to make sure they make a tight fit. They have to be sealed to keep the warm air going where it is supposed to go.

Moreover, the auditor conducts the “blower door test.” In this test, they will close all the doors and windows, and anything else that lets outside air into the house or office. A special fan is used to depressurize the home, so that all the air is sucked out. This allows outside air to rush into the home through all those openings you didn’t know about. Air leaks are detected. Infrared cameras might be used to check where the air leaks are coming from. Lastly, the kinds of light bulbs used in the fixtures of the home are checked. The recess lighting fixtures may cause problems. Warm, compact florescent lights are energy-saving alternative lights that should be used.

An energy audit reveals ways that energy escapes your home or office costing you money. The good news is you’ll have a comprehensive energy report showing you which efficiency upgrades and energy saving solutions need to be done. An energy audit will tell you what areas of your place need to be handled immediately.

K&M Electric Supply, Inc. can help you get an energy audit and buy electrical supplies. We have seven convenient locations in Florida. Our locations are Riviera Beach, Lake Worth, Jupiter, Royal Palm Beach, Vero Beach, Port St. Lucie, and West Palm Beach. Call us today!

Finding a K & M Electric Near You!

Some people say the best part about K & M Electrical is their low prices on high quality electrical supplies. Others are quick to mention their dedication to superior customer service and support no matter what. The rest of the people who get all their wires, bulbs, switches and circuits at K & M Electrical Supply do so because they are so close by! K & M Electrical Supply has six locations across South Florida and each features the same quality supplies and dedication to customer satisfaction. Read about each of the locations below and find the K & M Electrical Supply store closest to you!

The main store and corporate headquarters are located at 7641 Central Industrial Drive
Riviera Beach, FL 33404. This branch can be reached by phone at 561-842-4911 during regular business hours. Anyone in West Palm Beach, FL should get all their electrical supplies at this location.

K & M Electrical Supply also has locations at:

  • 1909 7th Court, North Lake Worth, FL 33461- Tel: 561-585-6148
  • 214 Jupiter Street Jupiter, FL 33458 – Tel: 561-747-3330
  • 150 Business Parkway, #3 Royal Palm Beach, FL 33411- Tel: 561-798-5454
  • 1075 Old Dixie Highway Vero Beach, FL 32960- Tel: 772-770-2772
  •  792 SW Grove Ave. Suite 103 Port St. Lucie, FL 34983 Tel: 772-343-8422

Stop by one today and get great deal on a whole bunch of different electrical supplies. K & M Electrical Supply is open from 7:00am-5:00pm Monday through Friday and 8:00am to Noon on Saturdays. Be sure to ask about our home energy audit services when you stop by!

Spark Change in 2014 With K & M Electrical Supply!

With 2014 finally upon us it’s time to make some changes to make this year better than all the others. Saving money is an easy way to make 2014 great and that starts by visiting the electrical experts at K & M Electrical Supply. With a huge selection of electrical supplies and knowledgeable staff, getting help from K & M Electrical Supply is as easy as flipping the light switch. From energy audits to quality products, K & M Electrical Supply, Inc has what you need to make 2014 brighter!

K & M Electric Supply, Inc. is a leader in high quality electrical supplies for the people of South Florida. With locations in Riviera Beach, Lake Worth, Jupiter, Vero Beach, Port St. Lucie and West Palm Beach, K & M Electric Supply has you covered! Whether you’re looking for light bulbs, wires and cords, connectors, breakers, fuses or switches, K & M Electrical Supply carries only the best brands at some of the lowest prices around. Don’t believe us? Come by one of our locations and see for yourself!

Don’t forget to looking an energy audit from one of our energy savings specialists. We can do a full inspection of your home and improve areas where you are not maximizing your energy potential. If you think your monthly electric bills are too high than call K & M Electrical Supply, Inc and see what they can do for you!

K & M Electric Can Save You Money on Your Energy Bills!

If you’re like most people, you’re always looking for ways to save some money on your home energy bills. Most people do things like turn lights off when not in the room or taking a shorter morning shower. These can be effective at lowering your monthly bills, but in some cases only marginally. If you’re serious about making your home more energy efficient while saving money at the same time, a home energy audit from the professionals at K & M Electric Supply can help you out! An energy audit is a step by step check of your home to assess where your home is wasting energy. It could be something like an air leak around doors or window frames that’s letting the cold air out and the warm air in. An energy audit can also check the efficiency of your air conditioning unit. As many people in South Florida can tell you, paying for A/C is not always cheap, particularly in the summer when the temperatures are routinely in the 90’s.

Before an energy specialist from K & M Electric Supply come to your home and saves you a bunch of money, there are certain things you should do to help the cause. You can walk around your home and make a list of areas you think may be a problem, like a drafty room. You can also compile a selection of energy bills so the auditor can see if you’re over or under the average for a home of your size. When the auditor is there, follow them as they do the inspection and they can help teach you certain things about establishing a more energy efficient home.

The K & M Electric corporate headquarters is located in Riviera Beach, but K & M has six other locations across Palm Beach and Martin Counties so you’re never far from the knowledgeable home energy audit specialists. You can find K & M Electrical Supply in Lake Worth, Jupiter, Royal Palm Beach, Vero Beach, Port St. Lucie and West Palm Beach. Call on of the locations today and schedule your home energy audit today.