Are There Benefits to Getting Residential Energy Audits in Lake Worth?

In life very rarely do we do things that will not benefit us. That doesn’t mean we’re selfish people, that just means we know how to prioritize our time, and we know that not all things can be done within our time frame. For instance, are residential energy audits in Lake Worth something that can be beneficial for homeowners? The quick answer is yes! Our team at K&M Electric are here to share with you some benefits you can take advantage of when getting a residential energy audit.

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Do you want to save money on your energy bill?

Most South Florida residents spend more money on energy bills during the warmer summer months than the rest of the year. Did you know you can lower your monthly energy bill by simply getting an energy audit? Doing so will determine which areas of your home use the most energy and what we can do to help you lower your energy usage.

Do you want to solve hidden problems that drain the energy in your home?

By doing an energy audit, you will be able to find out what area of your home is losing a lot of energy or using too much power. For example, if you air filtration is causing the air in your home to take longer to circulate, it’s using a lot of energy, and it might just need a good cleaning to clear it out. Or maybe it has created mold, and you didn’t know, doing this will allow you to attack any hidden problem while being able to take advantage of benefits like saving money.

Do you want to improve your home comfort?

Another benefit of getting a home energy audit is the fact that you will be able to improve your home comfort. With our help, we will be able to get to the bottom of your air problem as we mentioned earlier it may need to be cleaned, and this will help your air circulate better not only saving you money on your energy bill, but you won’t need to play with the thermostat anymore!

Do you want to raise your property value?

By getting a home energy audit, you will be able to make the necessary adjustments that will only improve your home’s value when you’re ready to sell! Call us today to get started on a residential energy audit in Lake Worth!

Energy Conservation in Lake Worth, FL Starts at K & M

When you think of energy conservation in Lake Worth, FL, what is the first thing that comes to mind? For some, it’s turning off the air conditioner or making sure that the lights are off when you leave a room. However, did you know that there are easier ways to make sure you do your part to lower monthly energy costs?

What is Energy Conservation in Lake Worth?

The best way to lower your bills and conserve energy in Lake Worth is with an energy audit. The professionals at K & M Electric Supply is your best option to keep your home as efficient as possible, especially with the summer months coming up. Did you know that gaps around windows and doors can be costing you every month? How about inefficient appliances wasting energy working harder than they need to? There are a ton of ways that an energy audit in Lake Worth can help. All you have to do is call the professionals at K & M Electric Supply and schedule your visit from our consultants. Just one audit can save you tons of money on your yearly bills so it’s a no-brainer that you need to call right now.

Energy Audits can help improve your home through:

  • Eliminating leaks around windows and doors
  • Adding insulation where necessary
  • HVAC cleaning and repairs
  • Switching to energy efficient light bulbs

These are just a few of the ways that a home energy audit in Lake Worth can help improve your energy efficient and save you money every year. Call K & M Electric Supply today and let’s get started making your home as efficient as possible.



Can I Reduce My Energy Bill in 2016?

Saving money is at the top of everyone’s to do list for the new year. You clip coupons, you carpool and you buy in bulk all to have a few more bucks in your pocket at the end of every month. Did you know there’s a way to save money on one of your biggest expenses every month? Most people recognize K & M Electric as a leading electrical supply company in Palm Beach and Martin counties, but they are also a leader in energy savings as well. We can help make your 2016 the year of the savings! The energy audits are performed by K & M Electric at all of their locations such as Riviera Beach, Lake Worth, Jupiter, Royal Palm Beach, Vero Beach, and Port St. Lucie. Having K & M Electric perform a professional energy audit on your home can save you hundreds on your energy bill over the course of a year without much hassle at all.

An energy audit looks for areas of your home where your home is exposed to the elements. Cooling air takes a lot of electricity so you do not want that cold air escaping outside the first chance it gets. Doors and windows are some of the most common places which can be improved as gaps allow for air to escape in and out. Energy audits also focus on being as energy efficient in every way possible. That includes light bulbs which have advanced quite a bit in recent years to use very little energy and last a lot longer.

An energy audit can even determine how well your home is designed to conserve water by looking at things like showerheads and appliances. Even the littlest changes can add up to a lot of money saved at the end of every year. Chances are your home can be improved drastically and you haven’t even given it a thought. Call the energy audit professionals at K & M Electric right now for more information about how and energy audit can help you save money and help the environment.

Conserve Energy in Lake Worth By Switching to Energy Efficient LED Light Bulbs

Those in Florida usually dread getting their monthly electric bill in the summertime because running the air conditioner all the time uses quite a lot of juice. When it’s 95 degrees outside, turning the air down isn’t an attractive option, but there are other ways to save yourself some money on your monthly energy costs. For example, switching all of your home’s lightbulbs to high-efficiency LED bulbs can save you a ton of money over the course of the year. It’s an easy fix which can save you money, so why wouldn’t you consider it. When you stop by one of the many K & M Electric locations in Palm Beach and Martin County, you’ll find a huge selection of energy efficient LED bulbs at prices well below the competition. Not only do LED bulbs require less electricity, they also last for a long time so you won’t be replacing the bulb any time soon.

The energy audit experts at K & M Electric can help you find the right light bulbs for your home. It’s important to note that LED stands for light emitting diode. The technology surrounding them exploded in recent years meaning today’s bulbs are some of the most efficient and durable available. Some LED bulbs can last for a decade or more, saving you thousands over the course of the bulb’s life. For those who want to learn more about how LED bulbs can improve your energy efficiency in Lake Worth, FL, stop by our nearest K & M Electric location and speak with someone who is friendly and knowledgeable.

There are plenty of ways the experts at K & M Electric can help you save money on your monthly energy bills beyond changing your light bulbs. An energy audit in Lake Worth, FL can help you determine where your home is costing you money and what you can do about it. Call K & M Electric to schedule your consultation today!

Do You Know About Energy Saving Solutions in Riviera Beach, FL?

Living in Riviera Beach, FL means there are more hot days than cool. And the summers can be especially brutal. So when it comes to energy saving solutions in Riviera Beach, FL, K & M Electric Supply, Inc. has the answers. We can help you save energy during the 11 months of summer weather here in the Sunshine State. Give us a call today at (561) 747-3330, or visit us at K & M Electric Supply, Inc. 214 Jupiter Street; Jupiter, FL 33458.

.Energy Savings Solutions Riviera Beach, FL

Here are just a few tips to get you started:


Switch your ceiling fan to turn in a counter-clockwise direction in the summer; in the winter, run it at low speed, but clockwise.

Close your exterior doors and windows tightly when the AC is on. Save even more by turning off kitchen and bath exhaust fans.

Change or clean your AC’s air filters at least once a month to keep your system running at peak performance.

Set your thermostat fan switch to “auto” to save energy.

Block the sun from overheating your home. Inside, use shades, blinds and drapes. Outside, use awnings, trees and shrubs.

Open interior doors so that cooled air flows freely throughout your home.

Check for household leaks to make sure air isn’t escaping through openings such as fireplace dampers, doors and windows.

Decorate for a cooler home by hanging light-colored curtains that allow light to enter a room while blocking some of the sun’s rays, and light-colored paint to reflect heat.


Replace standard bulbs with CFLs. Compact fluorescent light bulbs are more energy-efficient than regular bulbs, while giving off the same amount of light.

Replace halogen light bulbs, which can get hot enough to be a fire hazard, with CFLs – they use less energy and don’t get as hot.

Use motion-detector lights for all your outdoor lighting – they’re convenient and efficient.


Install high-performance windows, screens and films to protect upholstery, wood and artwork from UV rays while saving energy.

Consider high-performance windows before you replace your AC system. They’re so efficient that they may help reduce the size and cost needed for an AC system.

Install high-performance windows with double-glazing and spectrally selective coatings that reduce heat gain and avoid cranking up your AC.

With energy saving solutions you can start saving money little by little each month, which adds up over the year. If you want to speak to an expert here at K & M Electric Supply, Inc. feel free to give us a call. We are standing by waiting to hear from you, soon.

Who Sells Energy Efficient Industrial Supplies in Lake Worth, FL?

Having the right tools can make all the difference in getting the job done. Things are no different for the needs of your business. Finding high quality, affordable and energy efficient industrial supplies in Lake Work, FL may seem impossible. At K & M Electric Supply, Inc., we believe that effective energy use starts at the larger level in businesses across the world. When business of varying sizes, locations and consumer base work together to utilize energy efficient solutions, the world begins to follow suit. This is what’s driven our decades of dedication to become the trusted distributor of choice. We’re ready to fill your industrial supply order with our unique products, low prices and friendly customer service.

.DSC_5116 - Copy

Our team at K & M Electric Supply, Inc. has been working to improve the overall energy management in Lake Worth, FL by helping businesses take control of their energy consumption. When you trust in energy efficient industrial supplies, everything else falls into place. For example, switching your light bulbs to longer lasing LED lighting solutions can bring increased savings through decreased energy costs. While your business enjoys the lowered costs, the environment enjoys the diminished energy consumption. There are many simple changes which you can make in your business to make sure that your industrial supplies are simply working as hard as they can. Running a successful business is all about protecting your bottom line, and with our industrial supplies it’s never been easier to guard your profits.

There are many companies which claim to offer the best industrial supply in Lake Worth, FL but at K & M Electric Supply, Inc. we believe that we stand apart from the crowd. Our dedication to customer service is what brings enhanced personalization to each and every transaction. You can order our products online, or stop into one of our six Florida Locations for one-on-one ordering. We carry a wide range of industrial supplies in categories such as:

  • Light Bubs & Ballasts
  • Switches, Plugs, Receptacles & Wall Plates
  • Power Distribution
  • Breakers & Fuses
  • Wire Cords & Cables, Wire Management
  • Datacom
  • Tools, Fasteners & Chemicals
  • Conduit
  • Boxes & Fittings

.DSC_5226 - Copy

Our top 100 popular industrial supply items are guaranteed in stock, ready to fill your order. We also strive for increased order accuracy at each step of the process, working to ensure that your invoiced price will match any written quotes we have provided. Taking these extra steps helps ensure that each and every customer has a positive experience, regardless of their order size.

At K & M Electric Supply, Inc., we offer one of the highest varieties of industrial supplies in Lake Worth, FL. We believe that businesses of all shapes and sizes deserve access to industrial supplies which help them improve their functionality and finances. Our expansive online catalog can be found here: Our experts are available to help with any aspects of your order by phone at (561) 585-6148.

Where are the LED Lighting Solutions?

On average, lighting needs account for 1/5 of total energy consumption for commercial businesses. In fact, commercial lighting accounts for almost half of the annual lighting electricity consumption across the country. Of course your business needs adequate lighting, but the key towards achieving savings is to seek smarter solutions to your lighting needs. At K & M Electric Supply, Inc., we believe that LED lighting can also be efficient, bright lighting which performs even better than traditional lighting solutions. When you shop our inventory, you can enjoy improved lighting with increased energy efficiency in West Palm Beach. We offer a great array of LED lighting solutions in West Palm Beach, there are a lot of reasons to switch to our LED lighting, and here are the top 5:

  1. LED lights require less power. LED bulbs are renowned for their energy efficiency, they require less power than incandescent and even compact fluorescent lamps. Switching to LED lights translates to lower energy costs. LED lights offer the same illumination with less power, allowing you to enjoy consistent lighting with lowered electricity bills.
  2. Your lighting will have increased efficiency. If your business depends on large scale lighting, you’re probably well aware of how warm incandescent bulbs can get. LEDs are different, they focus energy on producing light, rather than the excessive useless heat incandescent bulbs create.
  3. Bulbs will need replacing less often. LED bulbs last much longer than other lighting options. In fact, you’d need 40 incandescent bulbs or 5 compact florescent bulbs to match the longevity of one LED bulb. LED bulbs are more expensive than their counterparts, but their incredible longevity brings great returns.
  4. Energy conservation can be affordable. If you’ve been thinking about switching to LED bulbs, you may be hesitant due to fears of high costs. Our team at K & M Electric Supply, Inc. believes that everyone should have access to affordable options for energy conservation in West Palm Beach. Our LED lights are the most affordable out there.
  5. Your business will enjoy more vibrant lighting. LED bulbs produce light in a way different than incandescent or compact florescent bulbs. LED lighting offers exact control over color temperature, allowing you to select bulbs which offer truly consistent lighting, such as a consistent “true white light” across each and every bulb. Increased color temperature control helps you keep your business looking its best.

At K & M Electric Supply, Inc., we believe that green energy solutions should also save businesses money in the long run. LED lighting solutions are a great way to enjoy the benefits of energy efficiency in West Palm Beach. Your business can have brighter, more consistent lighting along with reduced overall electricity costs. Thinking about making the switch? Call us today at (561) 881-5898 or browse our online inventory to get started!

Electrical Supply Company in South Florida Looks at Super Bowl Energy Facts

America has plenty of stages, but few are as big as the Super Bowl. The lights are the brightest when the two best teams in the league square off for the right to hoist the Lombardi Trophy and that got us thinking about the energy usage and other facts about electricity you may not have known! K & M Electric Supply is a great place to get all your electrical equipment at low prices. The energy audit experts at all of K & M Electric’s fine locations around South Florida can help you find any and all electrical supplies you may need. The energy professionals can also help you save money on your monthly utility bills with one of their comprehensive energy audits. Call the nearest K &M location today and get started!

For instance, did you know that nationwide power usage actually drops once the game starts? That’s because over 40 million people host Super Bowl parties and that means many people watching a single TV. Watching one TV is isn’t the only reason energy consumption goes down, it’s also important to note that when the game is on, nobody is using other appliances which can draw energy. A lot of electricity is used just prior to the game as a ton of people are cooking. Ovens, microwaves, blenders, toasters and more can use a lot of juice when half the country is using them at the same time. When you’re also letting your A/C cooled-air escape through gaps in windows and doors, it can be just like running your appliances 24/7. Getting your home checked by the energy audit professional from K & M Electric is a great way to lower your monthly energy bills including water and electricity. Switching to efficient shower and sink fixtures, getting rid of old incandescent light bulbs and finding ways to better insulate your home are all ways that you can save a few bucks every billing cycle. That can really add up over the course of a year or two!

Call K & M Electric today and get started with your energy consultation from people who understand how to save you money!

Find the Best Energy Savings in Jupiter, FL

When the clocks struck midnight on January 1, 2015, everyone was rightfully excited. The New Year is like a fresh start for those who are looking to improve upon something over the course of a year. Some decide to hit the gym and eat right. Others want to learn a new skill or visit a new country. Still others want to learn to have better spending habits. If you don’t have any big goals for 2015 and the thought of saving energy in Jupiter, FL sounds good, then give the experts at K & M Electric a call today and get started with your energy audit. If you’ve never heard of an energy audit then you’re probably pretty confused right now. A Jupiter energy audit from K & M Electric can help reduce your monthly energy usage and that directly translates to more cash in your pocket! Energy audits help make your home more energy efficient by locating drafts where your cooled air is escaping, switching to energy efficient light bulbs and a whole lot more. Only the Jupiter energy audit professionals at K & M Electric are able to provide thorough examinations of a home to ensure it’s running at peak efficiency. Call today and find out more.

When you hire K & M Electric for your energy audit in Jupiter, Riveria Beach, Lake Worth, Royal Palm Beach, Vero Beach or Port St. Lucie, you’re trusting in a company with years of experience and expert customer service. The professionals at K & M Electric are experts in the field of energy audits and have help countless people save money on their monthly bills. Even saving a few pennies can really add up over the course of a year or two so investing in an audit now is a smart idea. Call K & M Electric today and find out more about all the wonderful energy audit options in Jupiter, FL.


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