What are a Few Energy Saving Solutions in Riviera Beach, FL?

When you are looking for energy saving solutions in Riviera Beach, FL you should consider your options. Energy bills have a way of fluctuating throughout the seasons and you may not be completely aware of why. There are many ways to keep your energy bill down, including the following options:

  • Primarily, you should always dress for the temperature. Because it is always hot in Florida, you should not have to or want to walk around your home is sweatpants. Keeping cool without running your air conditioning through the roof is easy if you have on the right attire.
  • Use cold water when you are washing clothes. This can help lower your bill without you having to change your routine. Changing the cycle to the shortest available can also lower the amount of water being used while still cleaning your clothes efficiently.
  • Replace your old and incandescent light bulbs with those that are more energy efficient. At K&M Electric, we offer a large variety of different bulbs that will last longer and save on energy usage. Our bulbs are also sold at discounted prices so it won’t cost you an arm and a leg to replace them.
  • Get an energy audit on your home. Once you receive one, you can go into great detail about how effectively your home is using energy. By going through every room, they can tell you where improvements can be made to save you money and energy. Audits save home owners 5% to 30% on energy usage.

If you are interested in more energy saving solutions in Riviera beach, FL, we can help you at K&M Electric. We offer energy audits and reasonable priced, energy efficient appliances and light bulbs. Call us at (561) 842-4911 to speak with one of our energy consultants and schedule an energy audit today!