How Can Energy Audits Help My Company in Riviera Beach, FL?

If your company is in an outdated building and your energy bills are through the roof, it may be time to schedule an energy audit in Riviera Beach, FL. For those who are not aware of what energy audits are, it is basically a study of a building’s lighting and energy usage. At K & M Electric Supply, INC in Riviera Beach, FL an energy audit consists of an auditor coming to your business. When the auditor is at your business they record how much light energy is used and interviews those in the building who would be aware of the areas that need improvements in lighting and energy. These improvements help keep your company’s costs low.

You may be questioning if your company is in an updated building. An energy audit in Riviera Beach, FL can help you figure this out for a low price. For each and every energy audit we perform in Riviera Beach, FL we charge a standard of $.05 for every square foot. This can vary depending on the lighting in the building as well. However, if your building is not using LED technology for lighting, then it is safe to say it is not updated and an energy audit could be beneficial to saving you money.

Save with an Energy Audit in Riviera Beach, FL

The money that an energy audit in Riviera Beach, FL can save you is relative to factors such as the size of your building, amount of lighting being used, and utility usage. Once an energy audit in Riviera Beach, FL is performed we can decide what factors can be altered into a more efficient manner. The average savings of money per audit is around 15-20% in each building. As years pass this will add up and keep your money in your pockets.

By putting off getting an energy audit in Riviera Beach, FL your company you can suffer inefficient lighting and energy. This can add up and end up wasting mass amounts of money. All of this can be avoided in one day. Energy audits in Riviera Beach, FL are normally performed in less than a business day. However, if your company is larger it may take longer. After the audit is performed the auditor will release a formalized report on your energy and lighting uses that can be reduced.

Give us a call at (888) 997-2429 to schedule an audit for your company today. You will be amazed on the many differences a simple light can affect.