How Can I Make My Port St. Lucie Home More Energy Efficient?

It’s always nice to save a little money. You do it at the grocery store, at the gas pump and anywhere else you go. Did you know it’s even possible to save money right in your own home? It’s easy to be more energy efficient in Port St. Lucie and make simple changes to your home which can lead to lower monthly energy bills and more money in your pocket! A quick stop to K&M Electric Supply, Inc in Port St. Lucie can help someone get all the supplies and advice they need to stop wasting money on wasted energy. The expert electrical supply staff can help anyone with any project so stop on in today and learn more!

Sometimes the best fixes are also the easiest ones and when it comes to being more energy efficient in Port St. Lucie, there are plenty of quick and easy options. The first thing everyone should do is check for gaps in windows and doors. Plenty of times, what seems like a tight seal can deteriorate over time and your cool, air conditioned inside could be leaking out and wasting your money in the process. The simple solution to gaps around windows and other joints is plugging the holes with a basic latex caulk. When dry, the caulk stops the flow of air into and out of the home, meaning your cool air stays inside and the hot air stays out. Another place to check for gaps is in the duct work. This may be a little more challenging depending on your home, but the last thing you want is air leaking out right after it’s gone through your system. Sometimes something as simple as a roll of duct tape is all you need to close minor gaps in your duct work.

Another great idea is an energy audit in Port St. Lucie from the experts at K&M Electric Supply, Inc. For those who open their monthly energy bills and nearly pass out, an energy audit might be the best thing to bring that bill down to a reasonable level. Using the latest efficiency technology, the professionals at K&M Electric Supply, Inc will analyze your home and show you the many different ways to make it better and save you money. Call today and learn more about what K&M Electric Supply, Inc can do for you!