Can I Reduce My Energy Bill in 2016?

Saving money is at the top of everyone’s to do list for the new year. You clip coupons, you carpool and you buy in bulk all to have a few more bucks in your pocket at the end of every month. Did you know there’s a way to save money on one of your biggest expenses every month? Most people recognize K & M Electric as a leading electrical supply company in Palm Beach and Martin counties, but they are also a leader in energy savings as well. We can help make your 2016 the year of the savings! The energy audits are performed by K & M Electric at all of their locations such as Riviera Beach, Lake Worth, Jupiter, Royal Palm Beach, Vero Beach, and Port St. Lucie. Having K & M Electric perform a professional energy audit on your home can save you hundreds on your energy bill over the course of a year without much hassle at all.

An energy audit looks for areas of your home where your home is exposed to the elements. Cooling air takes a lot of electricity so you do not want that cold air escaping outside the first chance it gets. Doors and windows are some of the most common places which can be improved as gaps allow for air to escape in and out. Energy audits also focus on being as energy efficient in every way possible. That includes light bulbs which have advanced quite a bit in recent years to use very little energy and last a lot longer.

An energy audit can even determine how well your home is designed to conserve water by looking at things like showerheads and appliances. Even the littlest changes can add up to a lot of money saved at the end of every year. Chances are your home can be improved drastically and you haven’t even given it a thought. Call the energy audit professionals at K & M Electric right now for more information about how and energy audit can help you save money and help the environment.