Who Sells Energy Efficient Industrial Supplies in Lake Worth, FL?

Having the right tools can make all the difference in getting the job done. Things are no different for the needs of your business. Finding high quality, affordable and energy efficient industrial supplies in Lake Work, FL may seem impossible. At K & M Electric Supply, Inc., we believe that effective energy use starts at the larger level in businesses across the world. When business of varying sizes, locations and consumer base work together to utilize energy efficient solutions, the world begins to follow suit. This is what’s driven our decades of dedication to become the trusted distributor of choice. We’re ready to fill your industrial supply order with our unique products, low prices and friendly customer service.

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Our team at K & M Electric Supply, Inc. has been working to improve the overall energy management in Lake Worth, FL by helping businesses take control of their energy consumption. When you trust in energy efficient industrial supplies, everything else falls into place. For example, switching your light bulbs to longer lasing LED lighting solutions can bring increased savings through decreased energy costs. While your business enjoys the lowered costs, the environment enjoys the diminished energy consumption. There are many simple changes which you can make in your business to make sure that your industrial supplies are simply working as hard as they can. Running a successful business is all about protecting your bottom line, and with our industrial supplies it’s never been easier to guard your profits.

There are many companies which claim to offer the best industrial supply in Lake Worth, FL but at K & M Electric Supply, Inc. we believe that we stand apart from the crowd. Our dedication to customer service is what brings enhanced personalization to each and every transaction. You can order our products online, or stop into one of our six Florida Locations for one-on-one ordering. We carry a wide range of industrial supplies in categories such as:

  • Light Bubs & Ballasts
  • Switches, Plugs, Receptacles & Wall Plates
  • Power Distribution
  • Breakers & Fuses
  • Wire Cords & Cables, Wire Management
  • Datacom
  • Tools, Fasteners & Chemicals
  • Conduit
  • Boxes & Fittings

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Our top 100 popular industrial supply items are guaranteed in stock, ready to fill your order. We also strive for increased order accuracy at each step of the process, working to ensure that your invoiced price will match any written quotes we have provided. Taking these extra steps helps ensure that each and every customer has a positive experience, regardless of their order size.

At K & M Electric Supply, Inc., we offer one of the highest varieties of industrial supplies in Lake Worth, FL. We believe that businesses of all shapes and sizes deserve access to industrial supplies which help them improve their functionality and finances. Our expansive online catalog can be found here:http://www.kmelectric.com/electrical-products-categories/. Our experts are available to help with any aspects of your order by phone at (561) 585-6148.