Where Can I Get an Energy Audit in Palm Beach County?

Ask anyone in West Palm Beach, Royal Palm Beach, Lake Worth or Riviera Beach these days and you can be pretty sure they’re interested in ways to save money. When it comes to keeping your hard earned dollars in the bank, one of the best things to do it look at your monthly expenses and see where you can save. While it’s probably not likely to get your cable or internet bill lowered, even if you ask nicely, how about your monthly utility bills? Saving even a few dollars every month on your electric bill can translate into big bucks in the long run and there are ways to do it without having to turn down the air conditioner and sacrifice comfort. Call K & M Electric today and schedule an energy audit with one of the knowledgeable electrical supply professionals.

What is an energy audit you ask? Well it’s essentially an inspection and analysis of your home which searches for ways where you can be more efficient with your energy. Using a variety of state of the art equipment, the professionals at K & M Electric can locate things like drafts in doors, windows and ventilation systems to find where your home is basically letting money seep out the cracks. An energy audit can also suggest things like high-efficiency light bulbs, tank-less water heaters and more which can all drop your monthly bill. If you’re looking for an energy audit in West Palm Beach, contact K & M Electric Supply, Inc. today and speak with a friendly and helpful energy professional who can lower your monthly energy bills and save you money.

K & M Electric is the best place to get all your electrical supplies in South Florida and the Treasure Coast. Whether you need equipment or accessories, the helpful staff at K & M will go out of their way to provide a great experience and low prices on all the items in the store. There’s no better place for an electrician than K & M Electric!

K & M Electric carries a full line of electrical supplies and more at their seven locations across Palm Beach and Martin Counties. Check out the list below and find the location nearest to you!

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