Find New Energy Solutions for your Home & Business in West Palm Beach, FL

Every home and business in West Palm Beach, FL relies on power. Without it, you’re just left in the dark. But when it comes to your lighting and electrical supplies, it’s important to use the most energy efficient devices. K & M Electric Supply, Inc. is West Palm Beach’s trusted source for residential and commercial electrical supplies and equipment. Far too many home and offices in Palm Beach and Martin Counties are throwing their money away on costly electrical equipment. Whether it’s bulbs, electrical cords, breakers or fuses, K & M Electric Supply, Inc. has the energy solutions you need to keep your bills down and your power up.

You may be surprised how a simple light bulb can help you save energy. According to the EPA, Americans spend nearly 90 percent of their time indoors. Over the course of that time, there’s a good chance your home or office is depends on lighting from electronic bulbs to keep you out of the dark. There was a time when bulbs were just limited to fluorescent and incandescent. But today, there are far more options.

One of the best energy saving tips is to replace your incandescent bulbs. These old lights are typically inefficient and use up to 98 percent of the energy they consume. One option is to use a compact fluorescent light bulb, which are usually 75 percent more efficient than their incandescent counterparts. By replacing your incandescent bulbs, you can reduce your lighting energy bill from $264 to just $66. That’s a lot of money you could be saving for bigger and better things. CFL, LED and halogen light bulbs are also excellent options.

But light bulbs are just one easy energy solution. Adding a dimmer switch gives home and business owners greater flexibility and control. By controlling the amount of light, a dimmer can enhance the mood of your room and save energy. A dimmer not only helps you save energy, it also increases the life span of your bulb. And the best part is standard dimmers are relatively inexpensive. You can find several available in K & M Electric Supply Inc.’s vast inventory.

K & M Electric Supply Inc. makes finding electrical supplies and equipment easier than ever before. Along with our electrical supplies in West Palm Beach , we have six great locations throughout Palm Beach County and the Treasure coast including:

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