Commercial Energy Audits Provided By K & M Electric Supply, Inc. in Lake Worth, FL

What is a commercial energy audit? A commercial lighting energy audit is an in-depth study of your building’s lighting energy usage. An energy auditor from K & M Electric Supply, Inc. in Lake Worth, FL can go to your company and record all current lighting energy uses. The energy saving auditor will interview the company’s managers to figure out the areas that need improvement on their lighting. After that, the auditor will develop a formalized plan to help reduce lighting energy costs and maintenance costs.

K & M Electric Supply, Inc. in Lake Worth, FL is a company that sells industrial supplies and LED lighting solutions. Aside from that, this electrical company also administers commercial energy audits. Their energy efficiency audits are accurate and reliable. Any building not using LED technology should and could benefit from a commercial energy audit. The audit will save your business money on its electrical bill. K & M Electric Supply, Inc. has seen companies who have done a commercial energy audit save up to 40% on their lighting. How much does it cost for a commercial lighting energy audit by K & M Electric Supply, Inc.? Usually, it is 0.05 cents per square foot of the facility that is being audited. The cost can also be based on the number of lights and size of the building. It varies.

Since 1972, K & M Electric Supply, Inc. has been helping both residential and commercial properties save money on their lighting. They have also been seeking more energy saving solution to use. They are using more LED lights. They are using dimmer switches instead of regular switches. They are changing their electrical products in Lake Worth.

If you own a business in Lake Worth, FL and you are interested in getting a commercial energy audit, call K & M Electric Supply, Inc. If you are in need of industrial and tool supply of any kind, call K & M Electric Supply, Inc. Their electrical staff wants to help you with tons of home energy savings.

Visit K & M Electric Supply, Inc.’s retail store. Their Lake Worth location is on 1909 7th Court North, Lake Worth, FL 33461. You can call them before picking up your product at (561) 585-6148.