Energy Efficient Audits in South Florida

Do you know what an energy audit is? If you do, then you know how important it is to have one done for your home or office. In general, an energy audit is a comprehensive home energy check-up. It is a series of tests and inspections to find out where your house can be more energy efficient. The overall goal is to save energy, save money, and make your house more comfortable to live in. Installing energy efficient lighting and appliances can help you conserve energy. By upgrading your home to save energy, you can save between five and thirty percent on your energy bill.

Energy efficient audits are usually done by professional home energy technicians. They are commonly called energy auditors. This is how the energy audit normally goes. First, the auditor inspects the outside of your home looking for problems around walls, joints and under the roof. Then, the auditor checks the leaks at the top of the home barrier. They will see how well the insolation insolates. It should be correctly installed in all areas of the house frame. It must be evenly applied to all spaces, not jammed. If the insolation is falling down, then that means it is not working properly. The holes where electrical lines pass through are inspected. If they are not sealed, they are leaking.

The second place the auditor will check is the basement or the area of the house that stores the furnace and water heater. You don’t want those to be the reason you could be wasting energy. They will see just how energy efficient the furnace is. The furnace filter should be clean and not filled with dust or dirt. After, the auditor checks the ductwork. They inspect the duct connections to make sure they make a tight fit. They have to be sealed to keep the warm air going where it is supposed to go.

Moreover, the auditor conducts the “blower door test.” In this test, they will close all the doors and windows, and anything else that lets outside air into the house or office. A special fan is used to depressurize the home, so that all the air is sucked out. This allows outside air to rush into the home through all those openings you didn’t know about. Air leaks are detected. Infrared cameras might be used to check where the air leaks are coming from. Lastly, the kinds of light bulbs used in the fixtures of the home are checked. The recess lighting fixtures may cause problems. Warm, compact florescent lights are energy-saving alternative lights that should be used.

An energy audit reveals ways that energy escapes your home or office costing you money. The good news is you’ll have a comprehensive energy report showing you which efficiency upgrades and energy saving solutions need to be done. An energy audit will tell you what areas of your place need to be handled immediately.

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