Top Five Reasons to Choose K & M Electric!

Since 1972, K & M Electric has been dutifully serving the people of South Florida with all of their electrical supply needs. Founders Ken Mooney and Ron Kaylor believed that customer service was the most important part of running any business so they built their company to be the best shopping experience around. Our strategy has not changed from their original.  We continue to develop methods and processes that provide outstanding service.  All material is barcode scanned for accuracy, our deliveries are always on time, and our ability to lower our customers’ installed costs still continues today.  Our mission is to provide growth for our customers, vendors, and employees through intelligent distribution practices that enhance the lives of everyone concerned. Here are the top five reasons to choose K & M Electric for all your electrical needs.

5. Energy Audits: Professional energy consultants understand how the heating and cooling systems of a home operate and can help save you money on your next bill. Calling in a specialist will go the furthest in saving you money, so call K & M Electric today!

4. Supplies: K & M Electric is your best choice for quality electrical supplies in Palm Beach and Martin Counties. Not only does K & M Electric have multiple full sized electrical supply store, but they are also experienced in the field of energy audits. We love nothing more than helping our customers save money on the bulbs, cords and switches they use every day.

3. Energy Efficiency: Conserving energy does more than just save the environment, it also saves you money. Things like adjusting the air conditioner so it’s one degree warmer or turning off all unnecessary lights don’t seem like they do a lot at the time, but over the course of a year or two, those little changes could save you hundreds of dollars. If you’re really serious about saving energy, hire a company like K&M Electric who specialize in energy consumption.

2. Experience: Many companies like K & M Electric are experts in the field of energy savings in South Florida. Thanks to 40 years of experience, they can do a complete assessment of your home’s energy efficiency and find out the areas where you could save yourself some money on your monthly bills.

1. Customer Service: K & M Electric treats every customer with dignity and respect. We ensure that those who ask for our help get exactly what they are looking for every time. Call or stop by today!