Energy Audits in Royal Palm Beach, FL: Save money on your monthly bill with an energy audit.

Everyone is looking to save some money these days. A great way to start is by reducing your monthly energy bill. Whether you’re cooling your home in the summer or heating it in the winter, your energy bill can always be a little lower. Often times your energy bill and electricity bill are one in the same. Upgrading your lights to the newest LED technology saves a ton of energy and lowers your bill. An energy audit is a great way to figure out what areas of your home or business are using too much power. An energy audit is an inspection and analysis of how efficient your home or business uses energy with the overall goal of reducing your energy consumption. Companies such as K&M Electrical Supply are well versed in helping their customers who are looking to have their home inspected. Usually the audit is conducted by a professional, but it’s possible to do the audit yourself if you know what to look for.

The average home usually features single light fixtures with 60-watt incandescent bulbs. These are the regular looking light bulbs that people have been using for years. Recently, there has been a movement towards LED bulbs because they use far less energy than traditional incandescent bulbs. LED stands for light-emitting diode and they have been used in lighting as early as 1962. Only recently has LED technology become inexpensive enough to mass produce light bulbs for the home. Not only are LED bulbs up to 85% more efficient than incandescent bulbs, they also have a longer life span all while producing a brighter light. An energy auditor will suggest that you make the switch to LED bulbs throughout your home or business because of the multitude of benefits.

When purchasing new light bulbs it’s important to look at lumens, not watts. Watts measure how much energy a light bulb consumes, while lumens is the measurement of how much light it produces. New energy efficient light bulbs provide more lumens while using less watts. Make sure you read the light bulb’s packaging as it contains all of the information regarding watts and lumens.

An energy audit can also help identify areas where hot or cold air is escaping from your home. You’d be amazed at how much more effective your air conditioning can be when your home is secure from air leaks. Many people who have an energy audit performed see significant drops in their monthly electric bill after making only simple changes around their home. In some cases your electricity provider may offer discounts for homes that feature energy-efficient bulbs.

It’s possible to perform an energy audit yourself even though a professional will be more thorough. It’s easy enough to replace incandescent bulbs with newer LED bulbs as well as look for gaps in places such as door and window frames where air could be leaking out. You may be able to fill these gaps with a caulk gun depending on their size.

Many companies are thinking about an energy audit in Royal Palm Beach, FL and most end up getting help from the professionals at K&M Electrical Supply.