Conserving Energy Royal Palm Beach, FL; Go Green and Save Money

The term “going green” is pretty popular these days as people are looking for ways to be conscience of the environment. It’s pretty clear that our current mass consumer lifestyle is hurting the planet in many different ways. Even doing little things to conserve energy goes a long way in helping out the environment. Conserving energy does more than just save the environment, it also saves you money. Things like adjusting the air conditioner so it’s one degree warmer or turning off all unnecessary lights don’t seem like they do a lot at the time, but over the course of a year or two, those little changes could save you hundreds of dollars. If you’re really serious about saving energy, hire a company like K&M Electric who specialize in energy consumption. Here are a few tricks which can help those looking to conserve energy in Royal Palm Beach, FL.

The most obvious energy saving practices are often the most overlooked. It’s important to make sure that all doors and windows to outside are completely shut with a tight seal. Even small gaps can let air in and out, completely negating the work your air conditioner and fans are doing. It’s also helpful to have all interior doors and vents fully open so air can move around freely. One really obvious thing you can do is regularly change your air conditioner’s filter. The filter is there to catch dirt and other impurities in the air before it’s sucked into the system. Keeping the filter clean means that air is sucked up by the system without any strain. A dirty filter means the system cannot suck up air as efficiently and it uses more power. Also keeping your thermostat on automatic rather than always on can help you save money. Automatic means that the system will only run when the temperature gets higher than a certain degree. There’s no reason to have the air conditioner running if you’re at work all day, so setting it to automatic means you’ll use less energy.

One way to keep your air conditioner from running is with a ceiling fan. Many Florida homes have ceiling fans because they keep you cool and use very little energy compared to an air conditioner. Since Florida is pretty warm all year round, it’s best to have your fan turning in a counter clockwise direction. This means that air will be pushed downward rather than up. It also helps to add window treatments such as shades or blinds to windows which receive a lot of sun. Letting the sun come directly into the window creates a greenhouse effect meaning your cooling systems are working harder. Blinds or shades are a surefire way to stop the sun from directly coming in the window.

There are plenty of tricks and tips for those looking to conserve energy in Royal Palm Beach. Companies like K&M Electric can help save you a ton of money on your bills every month.